Update Policy

The data at restaurantfood.menu comes from quality public sources, there may be some changes need to be made occasionally. The following information is required when you want to send a request for any removal or alteration. If you can not verify your business owner identity and provide required information mentioned above, we may not deal with your request.

1. Verify that you are the business owner of the referring information or site by sending the request with your official support email.

2. Leave your contact information including your name, email address, phone number and physical address.

3. Describe the information you want to remove or alter.

4. Point out the page as well as the URL of the referring information on our site.

5. State that the original information is incorrect and provide the correct information as well as the URL at the official site.

6. State the accuracy of the above information.

7. Leave your physical or electronic signature. (optional)

8. Mark “Remove”, “Change” or “Update” as the subject according to the type of your request so that we can filter the emails and deal with your request as soon as possible. (optional)